Why Advertise on Snapchat This Ramadan?

During Ramadan, people gather with family and friends more than any other
time of the year — and Snapchat is 2.3X more likely to be used for connecting with others versus all other apps.¹

Launch your Ramadan campaign now to maximize your business results.

Plan for Each Phase of Ramadan

Our full Ramadan advertising breakdown offers tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals.

Pre-Ramadan Feb 25 - March 8

- Ensure the Snap Pixel and CAPI are properly set up. Your Event Quality Score should ideally be higher than 6.

- Gain a competitive advantage and gather learnings by increasing bids and focusing on prospecting.

- Develop a full content calendar, including pre-Ramadan, Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

Ramadan Mar 11 - Apr 8

- Focus on deals. Vary ad formats and creative style (Polished, UGC, Product-Focused, Creator-Led, Snap Native).

- Keep your campaign always-on and update creatives based on your content calendar.

- Monitor performance and adjust bid, audience and creative as needed.

Mid-Ramadan Mar 23 - 28

-Use exclusive Eid deals and introduce special post-Ramadan products or services.

-Create authenticity, emotional connection and a sense of community. (Use Suhoor and Iftar content and include a human element.)

-Apply learnings from the first 2 phases to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

Eid al Fitr Apr 11 - 16

- Greet your audience to celebrate Eid. Update creatives and/or use AR Lenses to drive engagement.

- Sustain activity during and post-Eid to reach lapsed shoppers and benefit from low competition.

- Retarget with data you gathered and use limited-time offers for a sense of urgency.

Pre-Ramadan Feb 25 - March 8 calendar
Ramadan Mar 11 - Apr 8 calendar
Mid-Ramadan  Mar 23 - 28 calendar
Eid al Fitr Apr 11 - 16 calendar
Statistics image of using Snapchat

Set Your Ramadan Campaign Up for Success

Ready to get started with your Ramadan campaigns? We have more handy facts and tidbits that will help you maximize your ad performance throughout the holy month.

Relationships Drive Online Engagement

Engagement graph
Close friends and family members have 8X more influence on purchasing decisions than online influencers and celebrities — particularly during Ramadan.²

Ramadan Advertising FAQs

Why do I need to start early for conversions during the season?

Starting early is crucial for advertisers to establish top-of-mind awareness, ensure their brand is foremost in consumers' thoughts during the Ramadan season, gather learnings, and leverage the data for a more stable performance.

How should I consider bidding for my CPA campaigns in high seasons?

We recommend following the highest suggested bid before the season and increasing bids to 2-3X during the season.

Should I be worried about the high bid and its impact on the cost per event?

A high bid on Snapchat guarantees reaching potential customers and staying competitive. The second-highest bid is considered for the final cost, so you might not need to pay the full bid amount.

When does it make sense to adjust my bid vs my budget?

Increasing your bid should not hurt performance if you are using your entire budget. You can adjust your budget and increase it to reach more users while still achieving your goal.

However, if you are not utilizing your full budget, you may need to expand your audience or increase your bid to improve performance.

It's high season already and my campaigns are not delivering the full budget I assigned. What should I do?

To optimize your ad performance, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Compare your average eCPX with your bid. If eCPX is higher, either increase your bid value or check the Suggested Bid Range.

  2. Check the size of your target audience vs the achieved paid reach. Broaden your target audience if necessary.

  3. Avoid creative fatigue by changing your ad creative frequently.

Should I use "fewer ad sets, with larger budgets" or "more ad sets, with smaller budgets"?

We prefer running fewer ad sets with larger budgets to prevent overlapping and give your ads stronger momentum.

How would I know if my Ad is suffering from creative fatigue?

Monitor each creative's daily Click-Through Rate/Open Rate. If you notice a consistent decline over three days, it's a sign of ad fatigue.

If you don't have a new creative, we suggest using Snap Publisher to quickly update the current one with a fresh message, color, or frame.

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