Snap Partner Summit 2022

We virtually hosted our fourth annual Snap Partner Summit!
This year, a segment of our Snap Partner Summit focused on AR Shopping – and how Snap makes it easier and faster than ever to get your products in the hands of consumers. As the world of commerce continues to change, augmented reality is playing a key role in how brands and businesses communicate with their audience and revitalise the shopping experience. 
During the event, we shared how our AR Shopping features, such as Lens with AR Images, 3D Asset Manager and our new in-app shopping destination, Dress Up, are powerful tools that not only support brands in developing memorable experiences for their customers but also give consumers the confidence to purchase.  

Take shoppers from “this looks good” to “this looks good on me.” 

Since January of last year,
250 million Snapchatters
have engaged with AR Shopping Lenses more than 5 billion times!1 They also rank Snapchat the #1 platform for sharing shopping moments.2
Plus, AR try-on lowers returns by 70% and leads to a 50% higher conversion rate.3

Let's Zoom In

Find out how Snap AR is revolutionising the shopping experience.

What’s here and now with AR Shopping

With the all-new, in-app shopping experience Dress Up, Snapchatters can browse, discover and share new looks from around the world. Featuring the best of AR fashion and try-on experiences from creators, retailers and fashion brands, Dress Up allows Snapchatters to easily save and accessorise the new shopping section within their Profile. 
With 3D Asset Manager capabilities, your brand can seamlessly develop and upload your product catalogue in 3D – taking your images to a whole new level.
Lens with AR Images technology gives your brand the power to leverage your existing product photos and transform them into AR-ready assets for Snap AR try-on experiences. By simply snapping a full-body selfie, your consumers can try on even more outfits and purchase with confidence. 

The AR Shopping experience doesn’t stop here! By creating Camera Kit for AR Shopping, any app with Camera Kit can now offer the same immersive shopping experience to their customers everywhere, bringing the best of Snap’s camera for AR try-on directly into your app. 

Snapchat can help your small, medium, or large business grow.

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1 Snap Inc. internal data Jan. 1, 2021–Feb. 28, 2022.
2 Global Crowd DNA Study commissioned by Snap Inc. | Base: Gen Z, Daily Snapchatters = 2,092, Daily TikTok users = 2,223 Daily Instagram users = 2,150, Daily Facebook users = 1,227, Daily Messenger users = 1,088, Daily Whatsapp users = 1,554, Daily Twitter users = 1,101 | Q: Which of the following moments do you enjoy sharing or celebrating on each app? (NET: When I’ve bought something I love; When I’m shopping).
3 AR Insider Article, “Does AR Really Reduce eCommerce Returns?”