How to Create Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allow you to reach specific Snapchatters based on data that is unique to your business, product, or service.

How to Create a SAM Audience

Learn how to get SAM Audiences built out into your account in a few simple steps:
  1. Use the global navigation in the top left corner of Ads Manager to click “Audiences.”
  2. Select “Get Started” in the middle of the screen and choose “Custom Audience” from the dropdown list.
  3. Click “Customer List” to match your customer list with Snapchatters.
  4. Drag and drop your customer data file onto the upload field and name your audience to begin the syncing process.

Pro Tip: Use the formatting guide at the top of the Snap Audience Match screen.

Bring New People to Your Business With Snap Audience Match

Drive more conversions by targeting new audiences and expanding your reach.

How does Snap Audience Match work?
A Snap Audience Match (SAM) matches data from your first-party customer list (email, mobile advertiser ID, or phone number) with our community. With SAM Audiences, you can gain audience insights, exclude existing customers and build Lookalike Audiences to find your next set of customers.
What’s required to leverage Snap Audience Match?
The advertiser must provide a list of email addresses, mobile ad IDs (IDFA/AAID) or phone numbers. We support un-hashed email addresses or mobile ad IDs or phone numbers, or they may be hashed using SHA256.

Use SAM and Ad Engagement Audiences for Multiple Campaign Types


To find more users who are likely to engage with your business.


To push those users down the funnel to convert on campaigns.


To avoid targeting existing customers and ensure you are reaching a new audience with Snap.
Optimize your targeting

FAQs for Creating Custom Audiences

How many Custom Audiences (SAM, Snap Engagement Audiences, Lookalikes) can a brand have in their audience library? 
1,000 per Ad Account

How long does it take to process a Snap Audience Match segment? 
It generally takes between 24-48 hours for a Snap Audience Match segment to complete processing, but the segment is targetable as soon as it’s created.

Are users allowed to opt out of this type of targeting?
Yes, users can opt out of device ad ID (IDFA / AAID) targeting directly from their phone’s OS settings. They can also opt out of generic third-party data targeting in our app. 

Is there a recommended audience size? 
We do not have a recommended seed audience size as it depends on the desired targetable audience and match rates. If the matched audience is small, you can leverage lookalike targeting.

How often do Lookalike Audiences update?  
Lookalike Audiences will update as the seed audience updates. If there are no changes to the seed audience or the seed audience is deleted, we will not update the Lookalike Audience.  Updates will process within 24-48 hours.

Can I create Lookalike Audiences for more than one unique country?
Yes, previously Lookalike Audiences had to be created unique to an individual country. We now offer the ability to create global or multi-country Lookalike Audiences. Just select or upload the countries in which you want to use for the Lookalike Audience. 

Do we suppress original audience match lists automatically when creating a Lookalike pool? 
No. Brands should negatively target the original list in order to suppress the original audience if they are interested in prospecting. This way we will not include anyone from the seed audience in the Lookalike pool.