Meet the Millennial Parents

Who are Millennial families, and what role does Snapchat play in their relationship with their children? Get into the Snapchat Australian Millennial Parents report for strategic insights and key stats to build meaningful interactions with this powerhouse generation.

Millennial parents on finding balance

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As parents, Millennials are all about balance. In fact, they’re leading the way in keeping life light as they navigate their way through raising kids, plants, and fur babies! During the pandemic, they’ve been using those balancing skills to help them reset, refocus and reconnect with their family. And they’ve done a lot of that on Snapchat, using it to connect with their kids – and for their kids to connect with true friends.

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Bring some play to your day

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OK, so maybe the going outside thing isn’t happening as much as we’d like right now. But as all parents will tell you, that’s no excuse for less fun! Download Snapchat to experience the fun for yourself with our Snapenger Game, and connect with the littlies in your life (or your own inner child).

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