Local Business Advertising on Snapchat

Promote your business to nearby Snapchatters. 

  • Snapchatters Support Local: Snapchatters are 34% more likely than non-Snapchatters to buy from brands that support their local community.¹

  • Target Local Snapchatters: Reach nearby customers and increase foot traffic to your business with location based targeting. 

  • Get Discovered Organically: Claim your local business on the Snap Map and share your location, hours, and contact information. Not on the Snap Map? No problem! You can still promote your business with Snapchat Ads.

Why Advertise Your Local Business on Snapchat?

Get Started Today With Just $5

Advertise on Snapchat for $5 a day. Create a budget that works for you by setting daily and lifetime budgets, and spend caps within your campaigns.

Attract Nearby Customers With Location-Based Targeting

Use location-based targeting, radius targeting, and location categories to reach potential customers and drive them to your business location. 

  • Location-Based Targeting: Target by country, states or regions, metros or DMAs, postal codes, addresses, and latitude and longitude pairs.

  • Radius Targeting: Target an exact location by finding it on the map and setting a radius around it.

  • Location Categories: Target by pre-determined packages provided by Snapchat, ranging from music venues and beaches, to car dealers and movie theaters. Currently available in the U.S. only. 

Get Discovered Organically by Claiming Your Business on the Snap Map

With the Snap Map, your storefront can appear alongside Snapchatters’ friends, giving local businesses their first organic presence on Snapchat. 

  • Place Listing: Snapchatters can tap on your Place Listing to review all business details as well as get directions, visit your website, contact your business, make a reservation, and order takeout or delivery.

  • Promote Local Place: With the Promote Local Place objective in Ads Manager, Snapchat will deliver your ad to Snapchatters within your chosen radius.

Create an Ad

Grow Your Local Business

Drive Sales, Orders and Bookings

Claim your business on the Snap Map and/or run Snapchat Ads to grow your local business.

Increase Foot Traffic From Snapchatters

Encourage nearby Snapchatters to visit your storefront or restaurant.

Build Brand Awareness With a Local Audience

Introduce new customers to your business or restaurant and share your business details.

Create an Ad

Ad Formats for Your Local Business

Use Snapchat’s ad formats to engage your target audience.

Single Image or Video Ad

Single Image or Video Ads are full screen ads that make an instant impact. Simply add an attachment and enable Snapchatters to swipe up and take action, such as visit your website or call your business.

Filter Ad

Filters are artistic overlays, accessed for a set time in a set geographic area, that Snapchatters can place on their Snaps. Take part in Snapchatters' conversations as they visit your restaurant, shop, neighborhood or more.

Create an AdLearn about ad formats

Draw In Local Foot Traffic With Promote Local Place

Instant Create widget within Snapchat Ads Manager
Using the Promote Local Place goal within Ads Manager, businesses can run ads that drive potential customers to their nearby business location. 

1. Within Ads Manager, select ‘Promote Local Place’ as your advertising goal. 

2. Simply search for and select your business, review the pre-populated details, add your website URL, and we'll automatically import images from your website to create an ad. 

3. During ad set up, determine your point-radius target and Snap will deliver your ad to Snapchatters within that radius that are most likely to visit your business. Swiping up on your ad will lead a Snapchatter to your Place Listing. 

Create a Place Listing on the Snap Map to Share Key Business Information

Place Listings give businesses a free and organic presence on Snapchat.

  • Places are businesses appearing on the Snap Map alongside Snapchatters and their friends. 

  • Place Listings give businesses an organic business presence on Snapchat, and they’re free! Place Listings contain helpful details about a business such as location, website, hours, price category, and more. 

  • Using the Snap Map, Snapchatters can get directions, call the location, and order takeout or delivery. Learn more here.

*Only businesses with a physical location currently in our Maps database will appear in this search. If you don’t see your business on the Map, we’ll be unable to add it at this time. More locations will be added as this feature grows.

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1 2020 GroupSolver US study commissioned by Snap Inc.