ZPLAY sees 50% lower CPI when acquiring users from Snapchat campaign


lower CPI vs other channels


higher on D2 and D7 retention rates vs other channels


largest marketing channel


increase in spend after seeing efficient scale and reach

The Story

ZPLAY is a leading mobile casual game developer. Since the beginning, the company has collaborated with developers from more than 20 different counties. Their games have been consistently ranked No. 1 from over 80 countries. They achieved over 5 billion global downloads. In an effort to promote their new casual game Sharpen Blade, ZPLAY partnered with Snap to grow awareness of their gaming app while acquiring new users at scale in the US and worldwide.

The Solution

Sharpen Blade began running App Install campaigns using Single Image or Video Ads. They also leveraged Snap's Goal Based Bidding strategy and Multi-Country Targeting to efficiently acquire new users. They saw incredible success early on, allowing them to grow their daily spend by 5x. They saw a 50% lower CPI (less than $0.15) and 6% higher retention rate (D2RR:50%, D7RR:15%) from the users Snap brought versus other platforms. Through the help of Snap, Sharpen blade became one of the top 3 most downloaded apps in March amongst all China outbound apps.1

The Result

Using a winning combination of Snap ads and Story ads and by utilizing Ads Manager’s goal-based bidding and multi-country targeting, ZPLAY was able to acquire new customers at a much lower price compared to other platforms. ZPLAY achieved a 50% drop in cost per install  when compared to other platforms, and a 6% increase in D2 and D7 retention rate compared to other platforms. Overall, Snapchat became one of the top three marketing channels for ZPLAY due to great performance.

"Snapchat is a platform to bring people with excitement, its loyal user group fits in nicely with our company's hyper casual games, this partnership accelerated our global market development in multiple popular games."
— Jack Ho, Founder & CEO, ZPLAY

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1 Source: Sensortower data