Zain KSA’s 5G campaign reaches new heights with Snapchat


Unique Reach


Increase in 5G Daily Leads

The Story

Zain KSA had a strong proposition for 5G subscription in Saudi Arabia. For quick awareness Zain usually invests in outdoor advertising to create impact and maximize reach. In light of the state of emergency in Saudi Arabia, due to COVID-19, Zain wanted a media/platform that could deliver quick reach to demonstrate their product superiority in 5G in Saudi Arabia. 

The Solution

Aided by Snap’s high penetration and popularity in Saudi Arabia, we designed a product package that could deliver this objective and directly rival top offline media in Saudi. The package included a Platform burst for 3 days, a national lens, and a Audience lens for 4 days. 

The Results

Zain 5G campaign was able to reach 10.2M1 unique reach in 4 days only and increased daily 5G leads by 270%2.

“Not only Zain and Snapchat were able to scale the communication effectively in a similar way that outdoor media would deliver, but also we were able to increase the number of 5G daily leads by 270%.”
- Rayan Alturki, VP of Communication, Zain KSA

1 Snap Inc. internal data
2 Zain Internal data