How Snapchat became one of the top sources of acquisition for the Gen Z app, Yubo


of paid installs attributed to Snap 


lower cost per install achieved via Multi-Country Targeting


installs via Snap Audience Network

The Story

Yubo has been an early adopter of the Snapchat advertising solutions, starting in 2017. In H1 2020, they are now leveraging all the most advanced features of the platform.

The Solution

Yubo is one of GenZ’s favorite apps, with millions of daily active users around the world. In order to best leverage 100% of the Snapchat audience, they launched in H1 2020 new campaigns targeting several markets at the same time. 

Doing so, they managed to identify new market opportunities and they unlocked growth in unexplored countries. Multi-Country targeting helped deliver thousands of installs in more than 50 countries worldwide, and helped deliver a CPI 60% cheaper than their single-market targeting.2

They also leveraged the Snap Audience network for scale. Yubo’s #1 market are the United States of America, and their top focus is on iOS. They leveraged the Snap Audience Network to reach more people of their key audience. This new inventory offers full screen premium impressions, delivering competitive CPI.

Adding Snap Audience network placements reduced the average CPI for Yubo's Snap campaigns by 40% during this time period.4

Lastly, Yubo explored new opportunities with augmented reality. Yubo has always shown active support to the LGBTQI+ community. Some chat rooms of their app are dedicated to them. To increase awareness within this community, they have created a Lens for the Pride Month. Yubo’s Pride Lens got 7M impressions and almost 3M unique reach.5 It was a very engaging experience and people played for 15 seconds on average with the Lens.5 

Thanks to the “install” button, users could complete their experience by downloading Yubo.

The Results

Ultimately, Yubo was able to scale their app efficiently through a multitude of products and features that Snapchat offered.

"Snapchat has been a key partner for us, both from a Product and a Marketing standpoint. We have managed to scale our campaigns to millions of installs, maintaining a good CPI and observing a very robust Life Time Value."

- Allison Feuvrier, Head Of Growth at Yubo

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