Sports Retailer XXL used a Multi-Product Approach to drive Awareness and Strong ROAS


Ad Awareness


Message Awareness


Brand Favorability

The Story

XXL is one of the largest sports retailers in the Nordics. Their goal for the holidays on Snapchat was to drive both awareness and purchases with their Christmas campaign.

The Solution

Solution #1: Drive Awareness with Filters and Commercials

To drive top funnel awareness XXL utilized Commercials that focused on the actual experience you would get from their sports equipment. Instead of telling people to give away alpine skis for Christmas, they told them to give away hours of fun in the downhills instead. Furthermore, to take ownership of everyday sports and outdoor activities they used filters that Snapchatters could use to enrich their snaps 

Solution #2: Drive Purchases with Collection Ads and Story Ads

Further down the funnel XXL used Collection Ads and engaging Story Ads to get Snapchatters in Norway (NO) and Sweden (SWE) to learn more about their offering and ultimately convert.  

The Result

Not only did the campaign overall drive a strong and positive ROAS, XXL was also successful in increasing several brand parameters in both markets!

The campaign generated significant lifts in the following parameters: Ad Awareness (+7pts for NO and +13pts for SWE), Message Awareness (+6pts for NO and +8pts for SWE) and most notably a strong lift in Brand Favorability! (+6pts for NO and +7pts for SWE). 1

'We have been curious about Snapchat for a while and were quite excited to see the result of the Christmas campaign. As December is an important period for XXL, we were amazed by the fact that Snapchat were able to deliver exactly what we wanted for the campaign; awareness and likability combined with conversions and strong ROAS.

As a result of the campaign we will continue to work strategically with Snapchat in our marketing mix, and we are looking forward to exploring the possibilities further. We are also very satisfied by the support and assistance we got from the local Snapchat team both in the planning phase, during and after the campaign. A successful story for XXL.'

Sandra Nordheim – Content & Social Manager XXL

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 898 Snapchat users November 30 - December 19,2020. Control n= 421 exposed n=477