Success Story
Success Story

Weatherford achieves 3x ROAS by teaming up with Snapchat


decrease in cost per lead vs other channels


of sales volume driven by Snapchat since May 2018


lower cost per sign up vs other channels

The Story
Weatherford Fit provides clients with an exclusive online membership, custom workout routines, and customer specific nutrition plans in order to meet their personal fitness goals. They came to Snapchat to effectively reach new health and lifestyle audiences at scale who would not only sign up for their subscription service, but would also build awareness of their customizable fitness programs.
The Solution
Weatherford’s main focus was to build awareness of their custom programs in a creative and exciting way. They used Snap Ads and Story Ads to showcase sample workouts to Snapchatters, similar to what their audience would receive when signing up for their fitness program. By using short sample workout video clips, they invited users into the Weatherford experience visually while seamlessly directing Snapchatters to their website for sign-ups with a quick swipe up.
Weatherford tested multiple creative iterations to promote their website and fitness membership service. For Story Ads, they found that the endemic, selfie style creative performed the best. With this in mind, they were able to direct their influencer content more seamlessly. Weatherford also took advantage of Snap’s Lifestyle Categories like Sports Enthusiasts to efficiently target their audience at scale by engaging with Snapchatters who would be most responsive to their ads.
The Result
Weatherford was able to scale their online business significantly quicker and more efficiently by partnering with Snapchat. Overall, Snapchat has enabled Weatherford to double the size of their email list and attracted quality leads to their website who stayed on their site longer, at a 77% lower cost in comparison to other partners.