Warner Brothers Partnered with Snapchat to Drive Movie Interest for The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It


lift in ad awareness


lift in cinema movie interest


lift in pVOD action intent


recommendation intent lift

The Story

As cinemas reopened in the UK, Warner Brothers was challenged with launching a new film in a post-lockdown world. To combat that challenge and create awareness around The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It, Warner Brothers partnered with Snapchat to launch a multi-faceted campaign on the platform.

The Solution

Warner Brothers ran a mixture of Snap Ads and Extended Play Commercials to drive awareness of the movies theatrical and pVOD release. With cinemas only just opening in the UK to limited audiences, Warner Bros was keen to drive Watch Intent both in the cinemas and through digital downloads. They achieved this through a phased campaign which drove video views and engagements right through to pixel conversions.

The Result

The campaign generated huge scale awareness reaching over 4.3M Snapchatters1 and cut through on brand metrics, driving increased Ad Awareness (+27pts uplift), Movie Cinema Going Interest (+9pts), Action Intent to watch at home (4pts) and Recommendation Intent (+8pts)2.

The Extended Play Commercials achieved an average video view through rate of over 87% and gained a +32pt lift on Ad Awareness, a +12pt lift of Movie Interest and an +8pt lift in Recommendation Intent2.

Snap Inc. internal data May 16 - June 15 2021
2 Snap 1st Party brand lift survey May 17 - May 27 2021