Warner Bros. Discovery Boosts its Organic Content Strategy via Spotlight and Gets Over 1.5 million Free Views in 2 Months


pieces of content published every week on Spotlight


jump in the number of views in 28 days

1.5 million

views in two months on Spotlight


increase in the number of subscribers

The Story

Warner Bros. was keen to promote its new movies by diversifying its content on the Spotlight platform. After using Snapchat Lenses and Commercials for several years since 2016, the US studio created a public profile in may 2022 and became the first entertainment firm to leverage Spotlight organic placement to boost visibility and subscriber numbers in France.

Spotlight is our entertainment platform for user-generated content. With 300M Monthly Active Users, Spotlight surfaces the most entertaining Snaps all in one place and is a great way for Creators to get exposure to the broader Snapchat community. Spotlight highlights quality content from creative folks like you, regardless of how many followers you have, ensuring Spotlight is a place where anyone can take center stage!

The Solution

With support from social media consulting agency Tigrz, Warner Bros. launched a series of original content with teasers about upcoming releases on an average of 3 times a week. The exclusive short-form videos (running between 5 and 60 seconds) picked up on the latest social trends and featured excerpts from movies and series or promotions starring celebrities.

The Result

Warner Bros experienced different content on Spotlight to identify and leverage the most effective content by evaluating users' experience on regular posts, which resulted in an increase of Warner Bros.’s KPIs. Spotlight had a significant impact on short content, with a 63% increase in views over a 28-day period and more than 1.5 million views over two months. Across approximately 2 months, the number of subscribers climbed by 45%, and the viewed content posted on Spotlight was responsible for 88% of those new subscribers.1

1 Snap Inc. internal data July 20th - Sept 13th, 2022