Walmart Employees Help Reinforce the Connection to Local Communities


lift in ad awareness


lift in brand association


lift in action intent

The Story

Walmart is the largest retailer in the U.S. with over 4,700 stores operating in the United States. Despite widespread penetration and global brand name recognition, their connection to each local community remains a strong priority.

With 2.3M employees globally, Walmart is proud to be a part of thousands of communities worldwide with its store associates being the direct connection to its customers.

Walmart wanted to find a way to bring this connection to life in a unique and creative way through advertising.

The Solution

Walmart tapped into Snap's API capabilities via their Certified Ads partner Brand Networks and leveraged their best assets- the local team members at 400 stores around the country - to create and upload locally relevant creative content to the Snapchat platform. These creative assets were then served to Snapchatters within a specified distance of the Walmart store from which they were created. In short, Snapchatters were served with Walmart ads created by and featuring the Walmart team members they know and love.

The Result

Walmart’s Local Social campaign was highly successful - more than 7,000 Snap Ads were uploaded by store employees, generating strong Brand Lift results. Compared to a control group, Snapchatters exposed to this campaign were more likely to be aware of the Walmart brand and more likely to shop at a local Walmart store. Walmart observed a 7pt* lift in Ad Awareness, a 9pt* lift in Brand Association and a remarkable 8pt* lift in Action Intent.1 Outside of these powerful results, additional benefits include engagement of store employees and a lower overall cost of creative production. Because of the strong performance, Walmart is extending their partnership with Snap in an effort to scale this initiative across all US stores. 

"The results reinforced that the frontline Associates are the best at creating content that resonates with the needs of our customers in a meaningful way. It was great to see that we could reach a new and younger audience and generate a meaningful impact in the way they perceived our brand. Knowing that we can partner with our Associates to generate content at a low cost on Snapchat that moves the needle on our brand in a substantial way is a game changer for our overall marketing strategy."
- Zach Lones, Director of Marketing, Social Media, Walmart


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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 948 Snapchat users April 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021. Control n= 400 exposed n=548