VogaCloset Achieves Striking Results Across the GCC With a Multiple Solution Strategy


higher ROAS


lower cost per purchase


increase in ROAS in Q4 vs. Q3

The Story: VogaCloset Sets Trends for Success on Snapchat

VogaCloset is a fashion and lifestyle online store offering the latest women, men and kids trends from the runways directly to the closets of fashion enthusiasts in the Middle East.

Whether you are heading to the office, attending a wedding, or going to school, you can find exactly what you want on VogaCloset.com

To ensure an ongoing fresh and inspiring selection, VogaCloset offers more than 200,000 items from over 800 brands, with more than a thousand new items arriving every day!

VogaCloset partnered with Snapchat to activate their “Black Friday” and “End Of Year” campaign, with the objective of acquiring new audiences, re-engaging with existing ones and delivering high revenues through the shopping season.

The Solution: Getting Fashionable With Automation and Multi-Product Strategy!

VogaCloset adopted a full funnel strategy including the App Installs and Catalog Sales objectives with a Multi-Country Targeting approach to drive scale and achieve lower costs during Q4. Ultimately, through Dynamic Ads VogaCloset reached the right customers with the right creative assets at the right time all in a flexible, cost-efficient way, and covering all possible touch points along the path to purchase.

Additionally, the fashion online store used Snap Ads and Story Ads to offer Snapchatters discounts, early-bird deals, end-of-year sales, promo codes, and more. By implementing this multi-product approach, the brand achieved incremental reach, reduced their CPAs, and increased their purchases.

The Result: Successful Results Are Always in Fashion

VogaCloset’s multiple solution approach drove real results during Q4, including 135% Higher ROAS1 and 71% lower cost per purchase2 on Snapchat when compared with the next best performing platform. It also achieved an outstanding 32% increase in ROAS in Q4 vs Q3.3

"Not only does Snapchat have the highest new user generation efficiency thanks to the long term retention of the customers acquired on the platform, but it also has the highest customer list match rate among all other paid channels. Snapchat ads empower us to reach new and existing customers on every occasion, which increases the profitability of the cost spent on each acquisition."

Duaa’ Habash, Performance Marketing Manager at Voga Closet

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