VIVAIA Increased ROI by 2.5X with a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy on Snapchat


lower CPM compared to other platforms in Middle East


higher ROI compared to other platforms in Middle East

The Story

VIVAIA is an online women’s footwear brand that offers sustainable, handcrafted shoes known for their minimalistic, stylish and eco-friendly aesthetic at a fair price. Seeking to drive awareness and obtain new customers, VIVAIA leveraged Snapchat’s unique audience and media capabilities with a full-funnel marketing strategy focused on reaching Gen Z and Millennial women in the Middle East.

The Solution

VIVAIA launched a full-funnel marketing strategy leveraging Snap Ads, Story Ads and Collection Ads to drive awareness and conversion across Snapchat.

Utilizing Snap Ads to enable Snapchatters to swipe up and take action, VIVAIA achieved low-cost CPMs and high conversions. The brand also used Story Ads as a branding tactic to showcase how VIVAIA uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials to create the shoes.  Additionally, VIVAIA used Collection Ads to enhance the richness of its users’ purchasing options, leading to high add-to-cart and purchase rates. 

To educate and connect with their potential audience, VIVAIA also actively maintained its Public Profile in Snapchat, which helped the brand establish its own community and keep the audience engaged without incurring any additional costs. Taking a vivid approach, the brand created and published public stories and spotlight content on a bi-weekly basis, showcasing stylish shoes and boots.

The Result

The full-funnel strategy with Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Collection Ads, allowed VIVAIA to effectively increase its exposure in the Middle East resulting in high conversion rates. This strategy achieved a 29% lower CPM and a 22% higher ROI on Snapchat compared to other platforms in the region1. As a result of this success, VIVAIA plans to continue to enhance their campaign by evaluating ways to improve the CTR, such as discount displays, BGM, and creative templates.

“Snapchat is a wonderful partner in building our brand globally, and it helps us reach and retain our target customers in the Middle East and globally.”

-Nancy Zhou, Channel Manager, VIVAIA

1 VIVAIA internal data, 2021.10.1 - 2021.12.25