Vine Apparel Achieves Significant Last-Click Conversion Growth With Latest Snapchat Performance Updates


in Last-Click ROAS


reduction in cost per acquisition

The Problem

Australian e-commerce clothing retailer Vine Apparel aims to provide an easy and effortless approach to getting dressed. As a longtime advertising partner on Snapchat, the brand wanted to bridge an existing data gap to better align their Snapchat Ads Manager data with Google Analytics. Additionally, their latest Snapchat campaign objective was focussed purely on driving conversions.

The Solution

For this particular campaign, Vine Apparel’s digital agency Firebrand Digital went back to basics with the foundational Snap/Webview ad format to help drive and convert traffic.

They also implemented a bidding strategy to optimize delivery on click-through conversions using the newly released Optimization Windows tool in Ads Manager, which runs inventory against an advertisers most suitable audience depending on their conversion attribution modelling. Being last click GA focussed, Vine enabled the 7-day click, 0-day view (7/0) optimization window. Through this, and Snapchat’s browser features, Vine Apparel was able to see significant improvement in results, continuing to do so over the course of two weeks.

The Results

Vine Apparel’s campaign drove significant performance for the brand, making Snapchat one of their key-performing media platforms. The campaign achieved a 165% increase in last-click ROAS1 and a 64.3% reduction in cost per acquisition2. Further, by focusing on performance where it mattered most to Vine Apparel, their campaign on Snapchat was able to bridge the Ads Manager to Google Analytics gap in their metrics to competitively and cost-efficiently drive ROAS. The brand’s winning strategy proved that Snapchat’s most recent performance features can drive incremental sales and positively impact results with even the simplest of campaign set ups. Another successful Snapchat and Vine Apparel partnership in the books! 

"Snapchat's latest performance updates have been an incredible game changer for Vine Apparel. The improvement in conversions we saw over such a short space of time with features such as the 7/0 optimisation window has elevated Snapchat to be one of our current key performance platforms."

- Steven Dsouza, Founder of Firebrand Digital

1 Google Analytics
2 Google Analytics