Ulta Beauty partners with Snapchat, LiveRamp for omnichannel measurement and optimization

The Story

In 2020 and 2021, as unprecedented demand shifts and changes in shopper behavior rocked the retail world, the ability to measure ads performance across sales channels in a flexible way became even more essential. 

In mid-2020, Ulta Beauty, Snap, and LiveRamp partnered to integrate in-store purchases made at Ulta Beauty within ads performance measurement on Snapchat, by leveraging LiveRamp’s turnkey integration with Snap’s Conversions API.

The Results

Ulta Beauty’s extensive and growing store footprint enabled this partnership to produce much more complete – and very strong – results on Snapchat. Prior to the inclusion of offline conversions, Snapchat was already outperforming the retailer’s retargeting ROAS goals, looking only at online purchases. After launching this partnership and adding in offline conversions, Ulta Beauty’s ROAS on Snapchat increased and further exceeded their goals.1

This omnichannel measurement allows Ulta Beauty to more holistically understand its Snapchat ROI in both attribution and incrementality studies, and make smarter optimization decisions within Snapchat and for its overall marketing strategy. This full-fledged measurement ecosystem means that whatever happens in 2021 and beyond in terms of shopper behavior, Ulta Beauty is prepared to continue to assess marketing performance accurately and holistically.

The Ulta Beauty / Snap partnership will continue to grow in 2021 based on these strong performance results from best-in-class measurement frameworks, which will be used for all forms of activations, from Snap Ads to AR Lens beauty product trials.


1 Snapchat internal data. January 1, 2020 - December 22, 2020.