89% ROAS Boost: UGG and Snapchat Make a Perfect Match

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Snapchat 7-0 Revenue & ROAS Improved

Snapchat 1-0 Revenue & ROAS Improved

UGG Showcases on Snapchat

After almost half a century on the market, UGG has undoubtedly made its mark on the world of fashion, but the heritage brand has no intention of dragging its feet when it comes to driving sales. Recently focusing on the French market, UGG wanted to tempt the country’s fashionistas by showcasing its statement footwear – and identified Snapchat as the place to do it.

Using Two Dynamic Ad Campaigns

Driving sales among the world’s most stylish nations is no easy feat, but as UGG had already taken its first step with Snapchat by creating a catalogue, it simply optimised this for maximum impact. Leveraging the existing catalogue, the US-based brand tested the platform’s new 7-0 optimisation setting, developed to further improve performance.

Over the course of two weeks from August to September, UGG ran two Dynamic Product Ad campaigns which showcased variations of the brand’s signature style, allowing Snapchatters to purchase with the tap of a button. The two campaigns also allowed the brand to A/B test its methods; one on 28-1 optimisation and one on 7-0 optimisation.

Boosting ROAS by 89%

UGG’s decision to partner with Snapchat proved hugely successful while A/B testing was also an excellent move, ultimately boosting the brand’s ROAS by 89%. UGG maintained performance on the 28-1 attribution window, while the new optimisation feature significantly improved the 7-0 and 1-0 attribute results, by 81% and 82% respectively.¹ These results have determined the brand’s future cross-market strategy, as it has now decided to use 7-0 optimisation for all conversion campaigns on Snapchat to drive more revenue.

New features like 7-0 optimisation are fantastic tools to take our campaigns to the next level and further expand our Snapchat strategy next year.

Sophie Morgan-Short, Paid Social Director, Jellyfish

1 Snapchat Internal Data, 2022.