Uber Eats Uses Snap Ads to Reach Young Professionals in France

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Highlighting Groceries in a Fun and Interactive Way

Delivering impactful results requires a truly creative campaign – and that’s exactly what Snapchat produced for Uber Eats during its recent partnership with the global service. In a market teeming with on-demand delivery services, Uber Eats was eager to cut through the noise, with specific focus on reaching city dwellers and young professionals in France. Keen to highlight Groceries, its newest vertical, the brand aimed to drive awareness and increase consideration of its latest service among Snapchatters in a fun and interactive way. 

Engaging Audiences With a Multi-product Strategy on Snapchat

Playfully feeding into the stereotype that French people are tactile shoppers, Uber Eats engaged its target demographic with a lighthearted take on the nation’s supermarket customs. To meet creative and commercial goals, it pivoted from its previous approach on the platform, and opted instead for a multi-product strategy using Commercials, Snap Ads and the Lens to reinforce its messaging. It also maximised this approach with consecutive First Commercial and First Lens placements. From aubergines to fabric fresheners, Uber Eats used Snap Ads to assure consumers that it applies the same care and consideration they do when choosing their groceries, while the Lens allowed for the gamification of grocery shopping, pitting Snapchatters against the clock while filling their bags. 

Increasing Awareness

The multi-format campaign, which ran for four weeks across the summer, exceeded Uber Eats’ expectations, driving a 29pt lift in ad awareness and a 16pt lift in campaign awareness. Commercials generated significant top-of-funnel action while the Lens drove very strong usage intent, generating a 16pt increase. Consecutive First Lens placements also delivered excellent results, as the former drove over a million de-duped reach for lens. The results of the French campaign have proven exceptionally valuable, with the brand, which operates in 6,000 cities across 45 countries, choosing to replicate the approach in other markets.

In order to drive success, we knew the creative and media had to be totally aligned. The Snapchat creative team went above and beyond to deliver bespoke AR and video assets for Uber, which we then amplified with a high-impact placement strategy. The incredible results are a product of a true Mediacom x Uber x Snap collaboration.

Adeel Nehim, Paid Social Planner - EssenceMediacom

Our Uber Eats’ Groceries campaign called for a fun and engaging activation to grab the French audience’s attention, and Snapchat was a great partner in recommending and executing on innovative creative ideas and formats to help us exceed our goals. AR has now become a regular part of our activity on Snapchat.

Tatyana Spirkina, EMEA Media Manager - Uber