TWO SVGE Eyes Success on Snapchat with New 7/0 Optimization Window

Increase in ROAS

Decrease in CPA

Maximizing Demographic Sales Coverage

TWO SVGE, a premium eyewear business, was founded by brothers Lewis & Alex Nolan. The Perth-based brand creates bold unisex eyewear, focused on exceptional prices. TWO SVGE joined forces with Snapchat, harnessing the power of our revolutionary 7/0 optimisation window, to maximise their sales coverage across the highly coveted 18-34 demographic.

20/20 Vision with a Top-of-the-funnel Approach

Through close collaboration, the TWO SVGE and Snapchat teams focused on a top-of-the-funnel approach, with a combination of 9:16 image and short form video creative. Leveraging the newly released and cutting-edge 7/0 optimization beta, TWO SVGE experienced significant increase in ROAS, as well as a decline in CPA.

70% ROAS Growth and 35% CPA Decline

TWO SVGE’s partnership with Snapchat and their adoption of our innovation 7/0 optimisation window, delivered incredible results. Across the span of 3 months, the brand observed their ROAS grow by 70%¹ whilst also seeing a decline in CPA by 35%².

These updates over the last few months have been incredible to TWO SVGE's sales on Snap and has showcased how important it is to include Snapchat when focussing on Millennials and Gen Z.

Alex Nolan, Founder at TWO SVGE

1 Triple Whale, November 2022 - January 2022 vs February 2023 - April 2023.
2 Triple Whale, November 2022 - January 2022 vs February 2023 - April 2023.