Success Story
Success Story

TWIZZLERS sees lift in both brand and ad awareness with Snapchat partnership


lift in Ad Awareness*


share rate of the Lens


lift in Brand Awareness*

The Story

TWIZZLERS is a brand of liquorice candy underneath the Hershey’s umbrella sold in Canada and the United States. This brand puts a twisted spin on candy that is fun and lighthearted. TWIZZLERS and Snapchat teamed up to create the “Snap for a Twist” campaign to encourage millennials to share TWIZZLERS with friends and family. Ultimately, TWIZZLERS set out to build genuine resonance with millennials by leveraging Snapchat to reach an audience of highly engaged adults aged 18-34.

The Solution: Lenses and Snap Ads

In order to generate maximum awareness of TWIZZLERS, they created a national gamified Lens experience. The game challenged Snapchatters to catch as many falling TWIZZLERS from the sky as possible with their tongues, before their heads transformed into different TWIZZLERS flavors.

To further scale and promote both the brand and the Lens, TWIZZLERS adopted Snapchat’s creative best practice of introducing their brand within the first two seconds. The Snap Ad featured a bag of TWIZZLERS and included bold imagery of the TWIZZLERS candy that prompted Snapchatters to swipe up and play with the gamified Lens.

The Result

Overall, Snapchat positively contributed to lifts in both brand awareness and ad awareness for TWIZZLERS. Through this partnership TWIZZLERS’ lift in brand awareness increased by 7 percentage points! Building on the positive results from this campaign TWIZZLERS intends to run the campaign again on Snapchat in 2019 with a fresh twist.

*Nielsen Custom Brand Effect study commissioned by Snapchat for Twizzlers, P13+, March 30, 2018 - August 2, 2018

“Snapchat has been an important channel for TWIZZLERS to bring younger millennials and older Gen Z’s into the franchise. The Snapchat campaign helped us drive significantly high engagement with our consumers who enjoyed playing the gamified lens. With strong impressions, low CPM and high engagement, Snapchat has been a great channel for the brand to win with the younger demographic.”

Zehra Raza, Marketing Manager, Sweets and Refreshments (Hershey)