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The Story

TULA Skincare, a direct-to-consumer skincare brand built on the power of probiotics and superfoods, is known for its unique approach to skincare. With a mission to empower everyone to feel confident in their skin, TULA focuses on being healthy not ‘perfect.’ Committed to creating products that are both clean and effective, TULA turns to research and clinical studies to determine which ingredients they do and don’t include in their formulas. Looking to inspire confidence in people across the nation, TULA partnered with Snapchat to reach the Snapchat’s unique community. 

The Solution

TULA adopted a multi-product strategy to reach their campaign goals. In addition to always-on Snap Ads and Story Ads, Dynamic Ads and Commercials, TULA introduced Snapchat Lenses to their campaign. In 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, TULA introduced two new products, a daily SPF moisturizer and a new eye balm with Courtney Shields. Snapchat’s AR Lenses, which allowed Snapchatters to try on the products before purchasing, were the perfect opportunity for TULA to introduce new products and adapt to changes in consumer behavior during COVID-19.

To complement the use of multiple ad formats, TULA activated a variety of targeting and bidding solutions to increase campaign success, including participation in an early beta for a new bidding solution - Goal Based Bidding for Swipes. With this new objective oriented bidding, TULA was able to reach over 9 million Snapchatters1, with the lenses speaking to  an incremental audience outside of their always on initiatives. In addition, TULA drove the strongest attributed ROAS for their pixel audience retargeting lens campaign, outperforming all other Snapchat  campaigns for the period.

The Result

The power of a multiple product strategy has significantly maximized impact for TULA's business. When compared to their already impressive single format campaign results, TULA saw exponentially greater success across the board for campaigns leveraging multi-product strategies: 1.6x lift in Brand Awareness, 3.6x lift in Brand Favorability and 4.6x lift in Action Intent.2

Given their results, TULA will continue to activate multi-product campaigns to deliver maximum impact across Snapchat. 

"By leveraging Snapchat’s unique Lens ad formats coupled with the robust bidding strategies we were able to run a full funnel campaign - driving both awareness from new users and revenue growth from the Snapchat platform."
- Patrick Gleason, Director of Growth Marketing, TULA  

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1 Snap Inc. internal data July 24 - September 19, 2020
2 Snap Inc. Brand lift survey of US Snapchat users July 24 - September 19, 2020. Control n= 614 exposed n=617