Success Story
Success Story

Trendy Butler sees a 20% lower cost per purchase on Snapchat than other channels


lower cost per purchase vs other channels


more efficient traffic driver than other channels


lower retargeting CPA vs other channels

The Story

Trendy Butler is a men's apparel subscription service, that gives members $150+ value in clothes for $65 per month. Trendy Butler partnered with Snapchat to reach highly engaged Snapchatters in their desired demo range, males between the ages of 18 to 34, who couldn’t be reached on other platforms. The company wanted to find a platform where creative they produced would feel most native to their audience.

The Solution: Snap Ads + Snap Pixel

To increase sign ups for their apparel service, Trendy Butler implemented an always-on Snap Ads strategy to reach Snapchatters most likely to engage with their content. They partnered with Jump450 to develop endemic style creative with an organic look and feel that resonated best with their audience, driving view-throughs to sign up on their website.

Trendy Butler also took advantage of Snapchat’s targeting capabilities to efficiently reach high quality Snapchatters most likely to sign up for their service. Trendy Butler’s target audience (men between 18 to 34) aligned perfectly with Snapchat’s core demographic, allowing them to tap into an audience that was harder to find on other platforms.

The Snap Pixel was also an effective tool in Trendy Butler’s targeting strategy. They used the Pixel to develop lookalike audiences to retarget visitors who were brought to their website and did not complete the style quiz. Trendy Butler also developed lookalike audiences to focus their spend on high-potential purchasers.

The Result

Overall, Snapchat achieved a 4x lower cost per visit versus other channels for Trendy Butler, allowing them to reach more Snapchatters and spend more efficiently. With a combination of strong creative and the Snap Pixel, Trendy Butler was able to drive success at scale.

We have been gaining an increased amount of traffic to the Trendy Butler website, at more efficient rates, since partnering with Snapchat and we aim to grow our partnership with the platform by using their new features in the future. The Pixel has been a trusted feature in helping us understand our audience and connect with them in the most efficient way and has aided in our marketing strategy for the remainder of our campaign.

Ali Najafian, CEO, Trendy Butler