Tophatter acquires valuable Gen Z users, leveraging ROAS Bidding


Above Goal


Day 0 ROAS

The Story
With a focus on Snapchat’s unduplicated GenZ and Millennial audience, mobile discovery shopping app, Tophatter utilized Minimum ROAS Bidding in their App Install campaigns to drive profitable ROAS.
The Solution
With Snapchat’s full screen App Install Snap Ads, Tophatter brought their in-app, live auction bidding to life showing how users have the chance to win high quality products within seconds.
Utilizing Minimum ROAS Bidding with broad demographic targeting, Tophatter was able to drive profitable app acquisition while converting high value GenZ and Millennial shoppers.

"Snapchat's Min-ROAS campaign allows e-commerce companies to acquire high spending customers. We reached 125% D0 ROAS with the Min-ROAS campaign, which has driven efficiencies in our marketing spend.  With promising results, we are excited to build upon our early success and continue scaling the campaign.  Due to our strong partnership, we expect Snapchat to become a core user acquisition channel."
- Cindy Yim, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Tophatter

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