Success Story
Success Story

Top Eleven expands its reach and rapidly scales with Snap Ads and Story Ads across multiple countries




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Cost per Install 

The Story 

Top Eleven Football Manager is an online football manager game developed and published by Nordeus. They turned to Snapchat in late 2017 to help scale their business and have since found steady growth and positive ROI through Snap Ads and Story Ads in multiple markets. 

Their Solution: Snap Ads & Story Ads

Top Eleven has been using Snap Ads to run its app-install campaigns and experienced great success in terms of number of installs, but also quality users. It expanded its campaign in many markets, such as Saudi Arabia, France, UAE, Kuwait, UK, US, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden. They also tested Story Ads which helped drive installs and was a great complement to their Snap Ads campaign. 
Top Eleven's targeting varied, with many Snap Lifestyle Categories and Lookalike types. They have tested many different styles of creative, both gameplay and live action.