Too Faced Cosmetics Organic Success with Snapchat Business Profiles

Augmented Reality
Product Try Ons

Augmented Reality
Product Shares

Too Faced Develops an Informative and Educational Experience

Too Faced Cosmetics has developed successful AR lenses on Snapchat by making sure the experience is both informative and educational, allowing Snapchatters to try on their products before they buy and having fun. Given their success Too Faced wanted an organic home on Snapchat for their AR lens experiences. 

Launching the Right Content for Their Snapchat Business Profile

Too Faced Cosmetics partnered with Snapchat to curate the right content for the launch of their Business Profile. The Too Faced Business Profiles offered a free, permanent home on Snapchat to house Too Faced content and experiences. Allowing the great Too Faced branded content - public stories, highlights, and AR Lenses - to live beyond their campaign life and reach more consumers.

Too Faced Cosmetics AR Lens examples on Snapchat

Driving Millions of Organic Product Try-ons

Too Faced found the most success with their Business Profile through their AR Lens content. By having their AR lenses in a permanent, discoverable place, Too Faced was able to drive millions of organic product Try Ons. As of December 18, 2020, the Too Faced Born This Way tutorial lens was the most played with and saved branded organic lens within the Beauty and Retail verticals. 

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