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Success Story
Success Story

Tommy Jeans drives e-commerce success with Looney Tunes Lens and Snap Ads

+20 pt

Ad Awareness (1)

+14 pt

Brand Association (1)

+4 pt

Action Intent (1)
Their Story
To celebrate the launch of their Looney Tunes collection, Tommy Jeans launched its first-ever AR portal Lens and Snap Ads. The Lens opened with the iconic Bugs Bunny look in selfie mode and when flipping the camera, Snapchatters were invited to step into the fashion world of Tommy Jeans x Looney Tunes. The Lens included a “Shop Now” button, giving Snapchatters the opportunity to buy the collection items instantly.
Their Solution: AR Lens & Video Ads
Tommy Jeans launched multiple video creatives to reach their target audience. Snap Ads reached both females and males, encouraging Snapchatters to swipe up and shop the Looney Tunes collection.
With the AR Lens running via auction in the carousel, Snapchatters were invited to step inside the world of Looney Tunes and discover collection items.
Their Results
The Looney Tunes campaign drove excellent results, as measured using Snapchat Brand Lift Studies across each market (2).
In Germany, the Tommy Jeans campaign generated lifts in Ad Awareness (+20 pt), Brand Association (+14 pt), and Action Intent (+4). The Lens generated an impressive avg. play time of 24-29 seconds.
The campaign saw significant lifts in Ad Awareness (+28 pt) and Brand Association (+22) in Spain. Additionally, Tommy Jeans drove a strong increase in Ad Recall in the UK (+20 pt) and France (+15 pt).

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1Source: Snap Inc. brand lift survey of DE Snapchat users March 20 - March 27, 2020. DE control n= 791 exposed n=721
Source: Snap Inc. brand lift survey of DE, ES, UK and FR Snapchat users March 20 - March 27, 2020. DE control n= 791 exposed n=721, ES control n= 294 exposed n=512, UK control n= 455 exposed n=414 and FR control n= 498 exposed n=366