Tommy Hilfiger Sees Significant Brand Lift Across Metrics With Snapchat Campaign
Featuring Shawn Mendes

Tommy Hilfiger saw a
+10 Point Lift
in Action Intent Overall ¹

The campaign surpassed all US Retail Norms by at Least
4x ¹

The Lift in Brand Favorability Surpassed the Norm by 7x
7x ¹

The Lift in Action Intent Surpassed the Norm by 8x
8x ¹

The Story

Popular American fashion retailer Tommy Hilfiger is known for their classic, effortlessly cool
fashion. For their Spring 2023 World of Hilfiger campaign, the brand collaborated with
musician Shawn Mendes to launch a line of sustainable fashion featuring classic fits and
brand-new styles. Hoping to generate brand visibility and consideration among
fashion-lovers ages 18 to 49, Tommy Hilfiger turned to Snapchat to help increase brand
awareness, CPM, and cost per content viewed while driving awareness and page views.

The Solution

Opting for a multi-product approach, Tommy Hilfiger used a mix of Commercials, Snapchat
Ads, Collection Ads, and Story Ads for their campaign. To meet their KPI goals, the brand
leveraged a mix of Snapchat’s targeting tools with Retargeting and Lookalike Custom
Audience segments. By using these predefined audiences, the brand was able to reach
Snapchatters interested in fashion, music, green living, and the Shawn Mendes
collaboration, as well as Tommy Hilfiger competitors.

Additionally, the brand elected to use goal-based bidding strategies for their campaign,
ultimately bidding on Awareness and Snap Pixel Add to Cart, with the awareness bids
helping drive lift.

The Results

Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2023 Snapchat campaign was an incredible success! The campaign surpassed all US retail norms by at least 4x¹ and drove strong brand lift across the board, most notably with a +16-point lift in Ad Awareness overall.¹ This was due in large part to their multi-product strategy, as both the Snapchat Ads/Collection Ads and Story Ads helped drive this significant lift. The campaign also generated +7-point lift in overall Brand Favorability¹ and a +10-point lift in overall Action Intent.¹ Tommy Hilfiger surpassed other industry expectations with lift in Brand Favorability surpassing the norm by 7x and lift in Action Intent by 8x.¹

Further, the campaign proved particularly successful for their targeted demographics,
showing how, this spring, Tommy Hilfiger will be the brand many Snapchatters turn to for
their seasonal shopping!

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 697 Snapchat users Feb. 15 - Apr. 30, 2023. Control n=289 exposed n=408