The Sky’s the Limit: BoomBit’s Lesson in Scaling with Snap


lower Cost Per Install than other platforms’ SKAN campaigns


increase in installs since scaling Snap SKAN campaign

The Story: Flying high on Snap

BoomBit is one of the world’s biggest mobile game developers and publishers. In September 2021, they surpassed 1 billion downloads — with hypercasual hits that include Car Slingshot, Make it Fly and Shoe Race reaching the top of the iOS charts in the US.

Seeking to drive performance and installs through the SKAdNetwork, BoomBit came to Snap for some hands-on help and iOS 14-specific best practices. The result: lower-cost installs and serious scale in users acquired through a series of SKAN campaigns that are ahead of the curve.

The Solution: Always-on optimisation

BoomBit thinks big and targets wide, leveraging Snap Ads to reach a broad demographic of 13- to 50+ year-olds. Campaign best practices were implemented following a workshop with Snap and an optimal rotation of ads was established to avoid creative fatigue. 

With an ‘always on’ approach, and by utilising Snap’s Multi Country Targeting (MCT) with no language field to tap into new markets, BoomBit positioned itself perfectly for SKAN success and cost effective UA.

The Results: Scaling targeting to new heights

Increased ROI, greater scale in Q3 vs Q2 and more users acquired and retained on SKAN: BoomBit’s partnership with Snap has raised the benchmark for SKAdNetwork performance.

Stand-out results included:

  • 19% lower Cost Per Install than other platforms’ SKAN campaigns 1

  • 2.8X increase in installs since scaling with Snap 1

Backed by these results and confident in what can be achieved with Snap on SKAN, BoomBit is scaling up its investment and using MCT to drive global growth. 

Already one of the fastest-growing hyper-casual developers in the world in terms of download numbers, the sky’s the limit for BoomBit with Snap.

“Snapchat was one of the few networks in the industry where we saw an improvement in iOS performance after the ATT enforcement. iOS users are still hungry for new games, all we needed to do was to know how to acquire them profitably and Snap was there to help.”

- Gonçalo Martins, Head of Marketing, BoomBit

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

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1 Boombit Internal Data 2021