Success Story
Success Story

The Pill Club sees 45% lower cost per acquisition on Snapchat


lower cost per acquisition when bidding on conversions vs swipes


boost in time spent on site when utilizing GBB for Pixel Purchases v. Awareness


lower CPMs when using GBB for Pixel Purchase v. GBB for Awareness during the September / October campaigns
The Story
The Pill Club is pioneering the way women think about birth control. Their in-house prescription and delivery birth control service is making it easier for women to take control of their bodies and forgo the challenges of accessing birth control. With the mission of introducing a new concept of birth control to users, The Pill Club partnered with Snapchat to reach a new audience that couldn’t be found on other platforms.
The Solution: Snap Ads
The Pill Club used Snap Ads to draw attention to this new contraception category. Snap Ads provided the perfect full screen canvas to display quick videos and gifs to boldly display the brand message and capture Snapchatters’ attention.
The Pill Club also kept its creative fresh, constantly testing different lengths, talent, and styles to learn what worked best with the Snapchat audience. They ultimately found the most success with an endemic, direct to camera style featuring bold text overlays and voiceovers to drive qualified swipe ups.
By implementing the Snap Pixel, The Pill Club was able to gain specific insights on the value of their audience and allow them to efficiently optimize their re-targeting. Through their learnings, the Pill Club was able to refine their targeting strategy to leverage Lookalike audiences who had higher intentions to convert.
The Result
Overall, the Pill Club saw significant efficiencies by utilizing Snapchat’s Goal Based Bidding tools to reach their target audience at a better rate. The Pill Club was able to acquire users at a 45% lower cost when bidding for conversions vs. swipes for the September / October prospecting campaigns.

People use Snapchat to discover content, entertain, gain some value, discover the latest trends, love to leverage those audiences who go somewhere to get informed, not just entertained.

Manbir Sodhia, Head of Digital