Snap Delivers Outstanding Results for Oak & Luna Mother's Day Campaign

Higher ROAS
vs Other Platforms

Lower CPA
on 1D Click Attribution
vs Other Platforms

Standing Out Amidst the Bling

Tenengroup is a prominent ecommerce house with a diverse portfolio of global jewelry brands. Faced with intense competition and a crowded media landscape, Tenengroup sought a strategic partnership with our teams to capitalize on Snapchat's unique audience and new optimization capabilities in order to ultimately boost performance and scalability while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA) for their personalized jewelry brand, Oak & Luna, during Mother's Day 2023.

Chiseling Success with Snapchat's 7-0 Optimization Feature

Recognizing the extensive reach of our audience and compelling content offerings, Tenengroup enthusiastically tested Snapchat's 7-0 optimization feature, tailor-made for this occasion, while implementing their top-performing creatives following our recommended guidelines.

By applying best practices, Tenengroup optimized their account to target a broad audience, allowing the platform's algorithm to efficiently reach potential Snapchatters. They embraced auto-bidding and daily budgets, empowering Snapchat to optimize towards Pixel purchases. Additionally, an exclusion list was implemented to further enhance performance and reduce CPA.

15% Decrease in CPA and 47% Higher ROI

Tenengroup's unwavering commitment to their Snap-powered Mother's Day campaign resulted in exceptional outcomes. The company witnessed an impressive 15% decrease in CPA compared to other platforms conducting similar activities. Moreover, they achieved a remarkable 47% higher ROI compared to other platforms in terms of efficiency and return on investment.¹

Our collaboration with Snapchat proved to be a pivotal moment in expanding our reach and elevating our brand during the 2023 Mother's Day promotion. Snap's platform provided us with an invaluable opportunity to connect with fresh audiences, surpassing our initial investment expectations. With an appealing combination of competitive CPM and CPSU rates and impressive conversion rates, we witnessed a remarkable reduction in our cost per purchase and a staggering increase in ROI compared to other platforms. We are thrilled to continue harnessing Snap's potential, eagerly exploring new avenues for growth and success.

Eytan Korn, CEO - Personalized Jewelry, Tenengroup

1 Tenen Group Internal Data, April - May 14 2023.