Let’s Love Louder with Tele2

Increase in Campaign Reach
Snapchatters Exposed to Campaign
Exclusive Reach vs, BAU

Adding Positivity to the Mix

The online world is most of the time a great place. However, sometimes it can feel a bit grim. That’s why Tele2 wants to add a healthy dose of positivity with “Let’s Love Louder”.

Lens and Snapchat Ads to the Rescue

Valentine's Day, the day of love! Isn’t this the perfect occasion to share the “Let's Love Louder” message and let the Tele2 audience engage with a fun and  interactive Lens? This Lens shows those who mean the most to you; your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, family or friends how much they mean to you. The Lens was preceded by 2 days of static ads to ramp up the excitement, and paired with a First commercial on Valentines day to drive even more Lens awareness and usage.

1.1 Million Impressions and 182% Increase in Campaign Reach

The Lens ‘Love Grills’ performed higher than expected with more than 1.1 million impressions. This result crushed the benchmark for First Lens products which is a great testament to the successful creative. The Lens proved to be something you want to experience with your dearest and nearest with a Share Rate of 2.03% which is above our benchmark (1.4%).
Additionally, the First Lens increased the campaign reach by 182% by exposing 670K additional snapchatters to the campaign, Showcasing AR & Video products work better together. All of the above resulted in an Ad Recall of +15 points making “Let's Love Louder” a very successful campaign. 

The combination of new and innovative Ad Formats, an interactive Lens and perfect timing during Valentine’s Day created a mix that resulted in amazing campaign results with both high uplifts and ad recall. We’re delighted to be working with Snapchat, thanks for the great partnership.