April 04, 2023
April 04, 2023

TECNO Mobile Increases Brand Awareness With Snap AR Strategy in MENA


impressions during the campaign session


Brand Awareness increased in KSA


Brand Awareness increased in IQ

The Story

Founded in 2006, TECNO Mobile — an innovative company based in China with operations across five continents — stops at nothing to develop products at the crossroads of contemporary design and state-of-the art technology. Aiming to stay ahead of the competition and stand out among MENA’s already-saturated digital-brand market, TECNO partnered with Snapchat to launch a marketing campaign that would increase awareness and engagement.

The Solution

Opting for a multi-product approach, TECNO launched their very own Snap AR campaign featuring First Lens, Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Commercial Ads. This not only enabled the brand to reach its target audience more precisely, but also kept Snapchatters actively engaged with fresh AR experiences. And by leveraging Snapchat’s User Insights analytics and tools, TECNO established a differentiated brand image among younger consumers with fun and futuristic ad creative.

Using Snapchat’s Dual Camera feature, potential customers were able to interact with the AR Lens, which showcased TECNO’s new mobile phone and its remarkable night photography capabilities.

Additionally, TECNO chose to deliver their ads in different time slots to continuously stimulate and influence Snapchatters, reaching several spikes in performance throughout the campaign. By leaning into Snapchat’s innovative and diverse resources, TECNO successfully built a complete campaign. 

The Result

TECNO achieved success with their Snapchat campaign, reaching nearly 95 million 1impressions during the overall campaign run. By purchasing three days in the First Lens position, TECNO was able to drive three peak sessions and reach as many users as possible.

In Saudi Arabia and Iraq specifically, the campaign reached nearly 100 million1 impressions in seven days — 1.2x the average — significantly reducing their cost per impressions. Additionally, the brand achieved a three-point and four-point lift in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, respectively. Finally, across different markets, users showed high engagement: The share rate of Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia and the swipe-up rate of those in Iraq both exceeded the market average. 

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2 Snap Inc. internal brand lift survey of 1,606 Snapchat users, July 28–Aug. 3, 2022. Control n=641, exposed n=965.