Success Story
Success Story

TechStyle cut cost per purchase and cost per sign up in half on Snapchat


Below cost per purchase for each brand


Below cost per sign up for each brand


More conversions tracked with Snap Pixel vs. third party

The Story 

TechStyle Fashion Group is an online retailer that delivers clothes, shoes, and accessories to more than 4.5 million active members. Through its brands ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and JustFab, it’s reimagining the retail customer experience with membership, data science, and personalization. While each of the brands uses a tech approach to fashion, they all have unique audiences, objectives, and market strategies. Each brand has been able to leverage its strengths to drive action on Snapchat, which has been a key partner in helping TechStyle reach interested shoppers for over a year. 

Shoe Lovers on Snap

Snapchat provided ShoeDazzle with the quality targeting it needed to find its audience. They drove efficiencies by testing various targeting types such as Lookalikes from its VIP shoppers and building engagement audiences from past swipers. ShoeDazzle had the strongest results throughout the Alpha testing, delivering a cost per purchase and cost per sign up that were 63% and 48% under its goal (respectively).

The Creative Hero

The Fabletics Snap Ads were able to thrive using really fun, celebrity-driven creative Snapchatters love. Using best practices like pushing only one succinct message at a time and prompting Snapchatters with vocal and visual CTAs in the ads boosted performance significantly. When done right, Fabletics proves how impactful the Top Snap can be at driving action. The results revealed they drove 88% incremental conversions after someone simply viewed the Top Snap.

The Early Adopter

JustFab is always experimenting with Snapchat’s latest products and tools to drive performance, hence its early adoption of the Snap Pixel. The solution helped the brand provide a comprehensive picture of the full customer journey. JustFab was able to deliver a cost per purchase that was 59% below its goal.