Multi-Product Snapchat Campaign Signals Success for Tango


lift in ad awareness

24 million


4.2 million

Video completions

The Story

Britvic, Tango’s holding company, had plenty to celebrate following a recent successful collaboration with Snapchat – a move which was made in partnership with its agency, mSix and Partners.

Determined to reach and engage Gen Z, the British heritage brand decided to use Tango Dark Berry to achieve this goal. To drive consideration among a Gen Z audience, the brand wanted to generate buzz around its Get Tango’d campaign – and identified Snapchat as the place to do it.

Between April 15 and May 9, Tango ran a multi-format campaign focused on boosting awareness, consideration and favourability.

The Solution

To reach its ultimate goal, Tango wanted to drive impressions and video completions – and achieved this by combining Commercials and Snap Ads. Commercials were aimed at prospects and optimised for impressions. Users, who had viewed the Commercials and lookalikes, were subsequently retargeted with Snap Ads.

The latter focused on users aged between 16 and 24 as well as specific Snapchat Lifestyle Categories, including Film & TV Fans, Foodies and Gamers. The mix of audiences and demographics as well as the use of retargeting saw the brand achieve a video completion rate of £0.01. 

Repurposing its TV assets, Tango showcased its messaging and branding in short snappy bursts, while testing ad length. Commercials’ non-skippable format meant users were more likely to view an entire video and retain messaging.

The Results

Tango’s campaign was hugely successful, registering over 24 million impressions and 4.2 million video completions. The brand also saw a lift in ad and brand awareness, while males aged between 16 and 24 accounted for a 20pt lift in brand favourability.Recognising that the platform and product combination worked in its favour, Tango and mSix are keen to continue collaborating with Snapchat on future activations.

We worked with Snapchat as we were determined to connect with Gen Z, and Snapchat provided the perfect platform to make it happen. The results speak for themselves - 24 million impressions and 4.2 million video completions! We also saw some great lifts in ad and brand awareness, especially among our target audience of males aged 16 to 24, who are notoriously difficult to reach. This success has solidified our confidence in the platform, and we're excited to continue our collaboration with Snapchat on future activations.

Victoria Burridge, Brand Manager.