Tamatem leveraged Snapchat's full suite of Acquisition and Retargeting solutions for their portfolio of games to drive efficient growth and LTV.


increase in LTV month over month (March – May 2020)


Lower CPI vs. other channels

The Story

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. They work hand in-hand with international developers to localize their games and make them culturally relevant for Arab gamers. Tamatem was one of the first gaming companies in MENA to partner with Snapchat, largely due to Snapchat’s unprecedented reach and engagement within the Gulf region.

Today, all top games at Tamatem are advertising with Snapchat, but the cherry on top for Tamatem was when they soft launched their latest title Fashion Queen, which topped the app store charts in the middle east.

The Solution

Tamatem utilized the entire suite of App Ads products on Snapchat, from user acquisition to Re-engagement.

For their new gaming title Fashion Queens, they leveraged App Install Snap Ads and Story Ads to efficiently scale their games. They paired these high-impact formats with a savvy targeting approach. By using new Multi Country Targeting, paired with Lookalike Audiences, Tamatem was able to reach all Arabic speakers across the globe with localized creatives and convert high-intent users.

For their existing title VIP Baloot, they leveraged Deep Link Snap Ads with the new Re-engagement App Purchase goal-based bidding to increase immediate ROI and retention.

The Result

Over the duration of the campaign Tamatem decided to increase marketing spend on Snapchat because of the ROI and LTV they were generating. Snapchat was hands down the best channel for their new title launch “Fashion Queen”. By utilizing Snapchat's full suite of performance products to target “gamers” in the Levant & the Gulf with localized content, Tamatem was able to achieve the most efficient cross-channel CPI and ROI1.

“Snapchat is one of the main acquisition and retargeting channels we use today for all of our games. We utilize their entire suite of App Install and App Re-engagement solutions to drive efficient scale, and ROI. Snapchat truly offers us optimizations and targeting capabilities that other channels do not. Today at Tamatem we invest most of our marketing budgets on Snapchat.”
- Lamia Shreim, Marketing Manager, Tamatem Inc.

"Snapchat's new App Re-engagement solutions have helped us drive up profitability and extend our marketing efforts from pure user acquisition into high-LTV retargeting. We've already found consistent success using Deep Link ads with the new Re-engagement App Purchase goal-based bidding to drive incremental purchases in our titles."
- Lamia Shreim, Marketing Manager, Tamatem Inc.

1 Tamatem Inc. internal data 2020