January 04, 2023
January 04, 2023

The Perfect Match: Taimi Achieves Full-Funnel Success With Snapchat Story Ads


Decrease in CPI

+15 pt

Increase in ROI

+15 pt

Lift in New Users

The Story

As the world’s leading LGBTQ+ dating app, Taimi understands the importance of finding a successful match — their recent partnership with Snapchat proved that this collaboration was the perfect fit.
The app, which engages more than 16.5 million people across the entire gender and sexual identity spectrum, uses individuals’ unique preferences to generate matches from a community brimming with diversity.
For this campaign, Taimi wanted to increase their community numbers and deliver a strong return on investment, so they collaborated with Snapchat to create direct-response campaigns.

The Solution

Taimi ran Story Ads with App Install campaigns — optimising towards Install and Purchase events — to drive relevant daters through the funnel to account activation.
The brand used an 18+ broad audience to maximise app installs and new user acquisition, while excluding existing custom audiences.
Taimi’s use of Story Ads was a master class in creativity. From leveraging the Story tile as it appears in the Discover feed to harnessing UGC-style videos, their campaign captured audience attention and encouraged engagement by investing in the tile’s visual elements. Furthermore, they created an engaging experience by matching tiles to the top-performing UGC-style video.

The Results:

This creative approach to their Story Ads on Snapchat resulted in a full-funnel success for the campaign. The brand achieved a 1.5x increase in Story Ad open rate, a 37% decrease in CPI,1 a 28% decrease in CAC, and a 15-point lift in ROI.2 By scaling, optimising, and experimenting with new and existing advertising strategies, Tami’s recent success with Snapchat has galvanised the brand to further expand and contribute to its diverse community. That’s what we call a match made in heaven!

“Snapchat is a reliable partner we’ve been working with for many years. It allows us to reach audiences that are usually not easy to target on other platforms. We’ll continue to use Snapchat to scale, experiment, reach new audiences, and grow our community and business successfully.” 

Helen Virt, Chief Business Development Officer at Taimi

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of May 1- September 30, 2022
2 Taimi Internal Data 2022