September 21, 2020
September 21, 2020

Taco Bell used Snapchat to drive 30k+ incremental store visits


incremental store visits1


visitation lift1

The Story

Taco Bell leaned into Snapchat to drive overall awareness of their back to back Double Layered Tacos and Grande Stacker LTO programs, as well as measure the impact their media efforts had on in-store traffic. Using Brand Lift, as well as Placed, we were able to inform creative direction per LTO and measure the effectiveness of Snap in driving traffic to Taco Bell stores in Canada. Over the course of 4 months, Placed measured strong behavioural lift in visitation and cost per incremental visit, leaving Taco Bell feeling confident in the platform’s effectiveness to drive results for future in-store LTO programs.

The Solution

Taco Bell used a combination of Snap Ads and Story Ads per LTO.

Using a mix of ad products, allowed us to reach Snapchatters in different parts of the app, driving optimal budget distribution, scale, cost efficiencies, and memorability through the ads prominent in-store offers.

The Snap Ads and Story Ads followed many creative best practices, including upfront branding and a diverse mix of creative overall; Stills, Video and Cinemagraphs.

The Results

Taco Bell’s Double Layered Tacos and Grande Stacker LTO campaigns were successful in driving cost efficient results. The Double Layered Tacos LTO campaign drove a 7pt lift Ad Awareness2, and the Grande Stacker LTO campaign continued to drive breakthrough, generating a 10pt lift in Ad Awareness and 12pt lift in Purchase Intent amongst male Snapchatters.3 Overall, both LTO campaigns combined drove over 30 thousand incremental visitors to Taco Bell stores in Canada.1 Not only did the campaign thrive in Incremental store visits, they also drove stellar cost efficiencies throughout the flight, allowing them to drive higher exposure of the LTOs in market. The campaign generated an Avg. CPM <$1.00, as well as an Avg. Story Open Rate of 2.29%, which needless to say, exceeded Snapchat’s Q1 2020 benchmarks.4 Overall, Taco Bell’s multi-ad product approach and close collaboration with Snapchat helped the brand reach over 2.6 million Snapchatters in an authentic and memorable way.4 

"Taco Bell Canada is very pleased with the outcome of our collaboration with Snapchat for this campaign, which has resulted in achieving our business goals to boost awareness, authentically connect with our fans, and ultimately generate real sales results."
- Kat Garcia, Brand Marketing Director, Taco Bell Canada Company

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