Sweetgreen Unlocks Gen Z’s Purchasing Power with Snapchat Campaign

Higher Return
on Ad Spend¹

Lower eCPM
than the 18+
Age Group¹

Tapping into a Promising Gen Z Audience

Popular fast-casual restaurant Sweetgreen offers simple, seasonal food that’s fresh and delicious. Traditionally, Sweetgreen has targeted their marketing efforts toward an 18+ audience, leaving out the entire 13- to 17-year-old age cohort, a key segment of Snapchat's growing community. In the past, Sweetgreen hypothesized that this younger age group does not have significant purchasing power. Wanting to test this theory and ultimately drive more conversions, Sweetgreen turned to Snapchat to launch a campaign.

Solving the Riddle with Split Testing

Using a mix of Snapchat Ads and Story Ads, Sweetgreen set up two identical campaigns, each targeted toward different age groups. Leveraging Snapchat's Split Testing, Campaign A was geared toward Snapchatters age 13+ while Campaign B targeted those over 18. By maintaining the same ad products, optimization goal, daily budget, creative, and bid, Sweetgreen was able to test the campaign against the two different audiences to determine which delivered the most efficient cost per conversion.

Snapchat Ads and Story Ads Deliver Bigtime

Sweetgreen saw real results with their Snapchat campaigns! Both the Snap Ads and Story Ads proved an efficient mix to drive conversions for the brand and, by targeting two specific age groups using the same creative, the campaign results turned Sweetgreen’s original hypothesis on its head! Campaign A, targeted toward Snapchatters 13+, delivered a 30% lower cost per order, 50% higher return on ad spend, and 60% lower eCPM than the 18+ age group — proving that Gen Z truly has incredible purchasing power on Snapchat.¹

We appreciate the partnership with our Snap team and the creative solutions to our complex problems our business requires. They’ve really embraced our philosophy of “test everything.

Jeff Lin, Director, Media & Growth

1 Snapchat Ads Manager, Sweetgreen brand & seasonal ad account, Q3 2022.