Shoppable Body Tracking AR Lens Hits New Levels of Performance for Sweat

+23% pts

ad awareness +10 pts higher vs Snapchat Norms

+17% pts

brand awareness +13 pts higher vs Snapchat Norms


increase in relative lift for purchases

The Story

January is a key selling period for Sweat post the holiday period when Snapchatters are looking for ways to improve their health and fitness. Working closely with Snapchat, Sweat leveraged new to market body tracking AR lens technology to maximum effect - engaging incremental audiences, driving awareness and fulfilling lower funnel conversion objectives.

The Solution

Sweat partnered with Snapchat’s world leading Creative Services team who produced a 1st of its kind body tracking AR Lens emulating Sweat's fitness routines for Snapchatters to follow through their phone’s camera. This AR Lens technology utilised Snapchat’s latest goal based bidding strategies focusing on App Installs from the AR Lens itself.

The Results

The Shoppable Body Tracking AR Lens worked hard as part of a multi product campaign to hit Sweat’s performance goals landing a solid 10.6MM1 female audience reach and delivering a cost effective incremental cost per install of $21.22. Using the AR Lens saw incremental relative lift at 38%2 for App Installs and 410%2 for signups.

"We are passionate about bringing innovative fitness experiences to women all over the world through digital technology. We are thrilled to partner with Snapchat to offer a fun and interactive way to work up a sweat and celebrate fitness using Snapchat’s latest AR technology".

- Tobi Pearce, Co-Founder & CEO, Sweat

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of January 10 - January 25 2021
2 Snap Inc. internal data January 10 - January 25 2021
3 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 639 Snapchat users January 10 - January 25. Control n=251 exposed n=388