Sunglass Hut Sees Massive Success on Snapchat With Innovative, New AR Shopping Lens


Product Try-Ons


Unique Snapchatter Try-Ons


More efficient cost per swipe up
Compared to Q3 benchmarks


More efficient cost per page views
Compared to Q3 benchmarks

The Story

Luxottica is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear — and Sunglass Hut is one of their most prominent portfolio companies. After a successful 2021 holiday campaign on Snapchat, Sunglass Hut wanted to keep the momentum going into summer by offering customers a new way to try on and shop their wide range of sunglasses and eyewear accessories. The brand is now expanding their investments in scalable and interactive AR ad solutions on Snapchat.

The Solution

Snapchat’s Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses enable brands to connect their product catalog to an AR Lens, combining scale and efficiency without sacrificing personalization or performance. Sunglass Hut used the power of Snap AR to build an experience that offered Snapchatters a way to try on multiple products in a single Lens, offering customers a chance to visualize themselves wearing the item before buying. Snapchatters could then tap on their favorite to be directed to product-specific landing pages. From there, customers had a seamless way to shop the sunglasses they tried on in AR.

The Results

By taking advantage of Snapchat’s latest ad innovations, Sunglass Hut saw incredible success for their campaign, achieving impressive and efficient site traffic as well as mass-scale virtual try-ons. In total, the Lens drove more than 14 million product try-ons, with 6.7 million unique Snapchatters trying on items. Plus, compared to Q3 benchmarks, the campaign achieved 29% more efficient cost per swipe up and 14% more efficient cost per page views. Once again, Sunglass Hut proved that a partnership with Snapchat goes together like sunshine and sunglasses!

"For a brand like Sunglass Hut, the ability to virtually try on our breadth of products has become an imperative piece of the consumer decision journey, and our partnership with Snapchat has allowed us to bring that behavior to consumers in a more innovative — and shoppable — way.

Our partnership in 2022 drove significant traffic to website, and we’re looking forward to continuing to find ways to evolve Sunglass Hut and Snapchat’s efforts to better serve our consumers with the sunglasses try-on experience they need."

Caroline Proto, Senior Marketing Manager, Media, Luxottica

1 Snap Inc. internal data May 26–Aug. 30, 2022