Sunglasses Brand Pit Viper Sees Massive ROI on Snapchat


Pit Viper Turns to Snapchat to Boost Online Sales and Brand Awareness

Pit Viper is a sunglasses brand founded with a simple idea - don’t take life too seriously. Founded by two skiers with a passion for having fun, Pit Viper creates durable sunglasses that are affordable and demand respect + authority.  With a goal of boosting online sales and driving more awareness for the brand, Pit Viper came to Snapchat. 

Using Video Ads with Snap Pixel Implementation

Using high quality, in-house created Video Ads to showcase their unique and eye-catching products, Pit Viper was able to connect with their target demographic on Snapchat and speak to the laid-back essence of their brand. Early on, Pit Viper optimized their campaigns on Snapchat by implementing the Snap Pixel and launching several different conversion campaigns that drove massive return on investment. Additionally, PitViper was able to optimize their campaigns by utilizing location targeting to run ads near and around ski and snowboarding resorts and communities.

Achieving Campaign Success and a 30x ROAS¹

Using a winning combination of Video Ads, location targeting, and the Snap Pixel, Pit Viper was able to achieve a 30x ROAS¹. After seeing this success, Pit Viper scaled up their campaigns and are continuing to find success on Snapchat by exploring new ad formats.

1 Data from Ads Manager April 1st - June 30th, 2020.