September 22, 2022
September 22, 2022

Sun & Sand Sports Successfully Delivers its New Branding Campaign to UAE & KSA Snapchatters


reach in UAE & KSA


lift in Brand Favourability


lift in Action Intent

The Story

Sun & Sand Sports is a leading omnichannel sports retailer in the Middle East with a large portfolio of the world's most loved sports, fitness and lifestyle brands.

Sun & Sand Sports collaborated with Snapchat to launch their new brand identity campaign, with the objective of spreading awareness within their target audience in their top 2 markets UAE & KSA.

The Solution

Sun and Sand Sports adopted high impact ad formats across both camera and content.

Within the camera, they activated a gamified lens throughout the period of the campaign.

At the same time and within content, they ran first commercials in KSA, Story ads and Snaps ads in both markets.

The Result

Sun and Sand Sports delivered 9.7M reach across UAE & KSA.1

Overall, the Campaign delivered a remarkable significant lift for Brand Favorability (+5 pts above MENA norm) and Action Intent (+4pts above MENA norm). AR drove uplifts across brand metrics with +9pts lift in Brand Awareness, +7pts lift in Ad Awareness and +8 pts lift in action intent.2

First Commercials delivered great results as well with +5 pts lift in brand awareness, + 4pts lift in ad awareness, +9 pts lift in brand favorability and +6 pts lift in action intent. 20% of users were reached incrementally with First Commercials.3

“At GMG we believe in collaborating with like-minded partners. We’re delighted to further strengthen our relationship with Snap, who are one of our key partners. With this partnership, we experienced an uplift in overall brand metrics for Sun & Sand Sports, witnessing an exponential increase in brand recall and engagement, along with creating a pool of audiences that we were able to retarget. The success of our campaign strengthens our relationship with Snap even further and we wish to see the scope of our partnerships expand with future collaborations”

- Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports, GMG

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