Spotlight Oral Care Harnessed Snap Ads and Retargeting Tools to Achieve Incredible ROI on Their Black Friday Campaign


increase on swipe up rate between September and November


increase on ROAS between September and November


million impressions in November

The Story

Spotlight Oral Care was founded and created in Galway, Ireland by two Dentists, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa Craven. They develop and sell products such as toothpaste, teeth whitening kits, electronic ‘Sonic’ toothbrushes and bad breath kits. Their aim is to create the best oral health care products, educate and promote oral health and to empower people to engage with targeted and specific oral care needs. They also make many of their products from sustainable and recyclable inputs like bamboo and sugarcane, therefore placing sustainability at the core of their brand. 

Having experienced massive success on Snapchat thanks to their original AR experiences and visually grabbing Snap Ads, Spotlight Oral Care doubled-down on Black Friday to drive more engaged and reactive consumers to their site through the strategic use of Snapchat’s retargeting capabilities and Auto Bidding tools. This strategy drove more efficient CPMs and high swipe up rates on the platform resulting in an impressive ROAS across the campaign.

The Solution

Spotlight Oral Care’s Black Friday campaign’s key focus was on driving conversions for their campaign. They focused on simple yet effective Snap Ads allowing them to create a selection of assets that promoted their various offers over the Black Friday period, whilst also availing the competitive CPM on Snapchat in Ireland. 

Thanks to their 'Always-On' presence on Snapchat, Spotlight Oral Care has built up strong audiences for retargeting on the platform. Through this, they were able to focus on engaged users through Pixel retargeting, CRM lists and balanced Lookalike audiences.

The Results

Spotlight Oral Care saw extraordinary results based on the inflight optimisation of the campaign, allowing it to increase the ROAS by 4.5X, +42% increase on swipe up rate between September and November1, while also reaching over 5.4 million impressions in November through a cost effective campaign2. They measured their success through the strong ROI, Revenue and CPA which they found particularly easy to do under different attribution models that are readily available on the Snapchat dashboard. The ROAS they acquired through Snapchat was one of the highest they received for the brand across their suite of digital channels.

Spotlight Oral Care’s ‘Always-On’ presence on Snapchat allowed them to establish a strong audience foundation that enabled them to exceed their goals and expectations for Black Friday on Snapchat by far, as evidenced by their massive reach and return that they experienced through this campaign.

“Snapchat has quickly become a social favourite for the Spotlight brand. Not only are we able to succeed in our goals and objectives each month, but we can do so through fun and engaging creative formats. Snapchat has allowed us to push the boat out in terms of creativity and has become a pillar of our marketing mix.”

- Aisling O’Keeffe, Social Team Lead, Spotlight Oral Care

1 Snap Inc. internal data September 1st, 2021–November 30th, 2021
2 Snap Inc. internal data November 1st, 2021–November 30th, 2021