Specsavers Sees Clear Results with Snapchat’s Multi-Product Campaign

Video View Rate

Point Lift in
Ad Awareness,
3.5x UK norms

Point Lift
Brand Association,
8x UK norms

Lens Playtime,
3x benchmark

Giving a First-hand Perspective on Wearing Glasses

Established in 1984, Specsavers soon became synonymous with optometry and eyewear, both in the UK, and further afield. Expanding its offering even further in subsequent years to include home visits and audiology, the brand is a multinational mainstay. It was, however, conscious of the untapped potential in the area of contact lenses – something it recently sought to rectify with Snapchat.

In an incredibly creative use of Augmented Reality, Specsavers opened Snapchatters’ eyes to the wonder of contact lenses – and the moments that can be instantly improved by using them. Identifying Snapchat as the best platform to reach lively and engaged users, the British brand used AR to give its audience first-hand perspective of kissing while wearing glasses, in a campaign which aimed to drive awareness and consideration of contact lenses.

Combining AR with Commercials and Snapchat Ads

Opting for a multi-product approach during its  eight-week campaign, Specsavers combined AR with Commercials and Snap Ads to reach its target audience of spectacle-wearers and those considering contact lenses, aged between 18 and 40. By tailoring creative for specific placement and using purpose-built audio for each one, the brand hoped to drive strong engagement across the entire campaign, which ran between February and March 2023.

Driving Views, Shares, and Brand Lift

The campaign was a clear success for Specsavers, and generated a boost in ad awareness and brand association, while also resulting in a universal uplift across all genders and age groups. The AR lens drove a 5.42% share rate, coming in 2.5x above benchmark and generated 28.78 seconds of playtime on average while Commercials drove a 70% video view rate.¹ Furthermore, users that were exposed to the full multi-product campaign generated a 23-point lift in Ad Awareness and 22-point lift in Brand Association.²

Snapchat supported us with creative development in collaboration with Tangerine, our social agency, and our in-house creative agency. Their support was really key especially when trying to convey a product like contact lenses which isn't visible. We think the results are really strong.The platform was really right for the audience so we are really pleased our hardwork has paid off.

Hannah Willson, Media Strategist

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Feb. 7 - Mar. 31, 2023.
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 400 Snapchat users Sep. 21 - 27, 2020. Control n= 400 exposed n=400.