Snapchat delivers highest ROAS and lowest cost per sale compared to all other digital marketing channels with So Shape


more purchases vs. forecast


higher ROAS vs. forecast


lower cost per add to cart vs. forecast

The Story

So Shape is one of the fastest growing food-tech companies in Europe. They create smart food alternatives to help those who are looking to lose weight. As of now, the company has launched 2 successful brands:

- So Shape Challenge: an innovative meal replacement kit to help people lose weight quickly and safely

- BRKFST: a range of healthy alternatives to the traditional high-sugar, low nutritious breakfasts.

Since 2014, So Shape has grown into one of the top performing DTC brands in France. They predominantly use Snap as a performance marketing channel, with their main goal being to increase website purchase volume and deliver a strong return on ad spend.


The Solution

So Shape’s advertising strategy is based on 3 key concepts: high creative rotation, lean campaign structure and broad prospecting campaigns. So Shape used a combination of formats to reach their targeted audience on Snap: Snap ads, Story ads, Collection ads and Dynamic Ads. By segmenting their prospecting and their retargeting campaigns, So Shape has been able to adapt their ads and create content that truly resonates with their target audience. For example, they push catchy promotional offers in their retargeting campaigns but put more emphasis on their brand and value propositions in their prospecting ones.

The Result

After multiple tests, So Shape found the right campaign structure to maximise their performance on Snap: a lean structure with around 10 ad sets per country and broad prospecting audiences. Overall, the results were greater than expected, with Snap providing the highest ROAS and lowest cost per sale, cost per add to cart and cost per click (swipe) in comparison to all other marketing channels leveraged.1

“Snapchat is key in our acquisition strategy. The multiple ad formats and the easy integration of the Snap pixel with Shopify allow us to target our audience very efficiently! As a result, the key performance indicators have been getting better month after month!”

- Quentin Naudet, Acquisition manager, So Shape

1 So Shape Internal Data, 2021