Snickers Drives +11 Points Lift in an Ad Awareness (Lens) Full Funnel Campaign on Snapchat


pts Ad awareness (Lens)


pts Ad awareness (18-20 years)


million reach (Lens)


seconds average playtime

The Story

Snickers, the decadent caramel and peanut filled chocolate bar, has a taste that speaks for itself.  Looking for a fresh, innovative way to reach larger audiences while continuing to grow even more awareness for the popular bar, Snickers partnered with Snapchat to develop a full funnel campaign.

The Solution

Snickers wanted a fun, engaging way to not only connect with their chocolate-craving consumers, but to also bring them joy while doing so. The brand leveraged Lenses and AR capabilities to share Snickers with consumers who displayed their ‘Hungry Face’, referencing their ‘Hungry Face’ television commercial messaging.  

Utilizing non-skippable Commercial videos aided Snickers in driving consumers to interact with the Lens on Snapchat. By framing their popular tagline “Hungry? Grab a Snickers?” as a question, it allowed for the video to play for a longer duration, increasing engagement. 

To reach a large audience, Snickers utilized interest-based targeting with Snap Ads to drive awareness and deliver the brand messages across various demographics.

The Results

Despite already having existing popularity, the Snickers campaign made a splash on Snapchat, lifting Ad awareness (Lens) +11 points. With respect to age demographics, there was a positive lift of +12 points in Ad awareness among 18 to 20 year olds1.

Ad awareness across all three Ad properties saw a high lift, with the Lens as the highest performing Ad product, generating a lift of +11 points, 5.9 million in unique reach2, and a 10.46 seconds of average playtime3. Snap Ads and Commercials achieved a +8 points and +6 points lift respectively4

Overall, thanks to their multi-ad format approach, Snickers saw significantly more impactful results than campaigns with a single ad format. The brand received an uplift of +15 points on ad awareness and +6 points on message awareness4. Now that’s what we call tasteful results!

“At Snickers we are constantly looking for new ways to reach audiences and expand geographies. We partnered with Snapchat to successfully reach Gen Z's through innovative and immersive experiences that Snapchat creates through Lens and other ad formats. We have been doing regular campaigns with Snapchat, and this has helped us to build a positive and unique brand reach with high engagement.”

– Kapil Parab, Senior Brand Manager, Snickers

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4 Snap Inc. Brand Lift survey of 801 Snapchat users December 7-December 26, 2021. Control n=399 exposed n=402