Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat generates 12% higher conversion rate versus other paid media sources for Wego


Increase in revenue generated from Snapchat versus previous quarter


Higher conversion rate versus other paid media sources


Higher average revenue per user versus goal

The Story

Wego, one of the Middle East’s largest travel marketplace, partnered with Snapchat to tap into the platform’s active and engaged Saudi travel audience through a series of Snap Ads and Story Ads. Using a creative combination of inspiration destination imagery, in-app features, and influencer content, the brand was able to achieve impressive results quarter over quarter and versus other channels.

The Solution: Snap Ads and Story Ads

Leveraging Snap Ads swiping up to install their app, Wego were able to achieve high conversion rates and impressive revenue figures in Saudi Arabia. Creatively, the brand employed an animated approach to showcase their app, coupled with ads shot by influencers to mimic the look and feel of Stories that users send to one another. Optimizing towards app installs while targeting Snapchat’s first-party travel segments, the Snap Ads drove extraordinary performance in acquiring new users.

Following up on the success of the Snap Ads, the brand leveraged Story Ads to position themselves as an editorial storyteller adjacent our premium publishers, in the Discover section to tap into the high intent and “leaned-in” user behavior within this part of Snapchat. Here, the brand inspired with beautiful destination imagery to focus on building consideration, but also driving acquisition by optimizing towards app installs. The results were high convertion rates, followed by huge revenue generated.

The Results

Wego’s multi-product strategy led to a 300% increase in revenue on Snapchat from the previous quarter, a 12% higher conversion rate versus other paid media sources, and a 10% higher average revenue per user versus goal.

"At Wego, we always aim to reach travelers at the right moment with the right message in order to personalize their experiences; Snapchat has been a great partner to achieve that. Through utilizing Snapchat’s creative solutions and great support combined with an effective strategy and the right targeting, we have managed to achieve our goal seamlessly."

Salah Mustafa, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Wego Middle East
1 Wego Internal data.