Snapchat Drove 148% Higher ROAS for Chicpoint in the Middle East


lower in CPI compared to other platforms


lower in CPP compared to other platforms


 higher in ROAS compared to other platforms

The Story
Chicpoint is a China-based eCommerce application that offers a wide range of budget friendly clothing for children and women. In order to increase online sales and drive brand awareness in the Middle East, Chicpoint wanted to test Snap Ads, since research shows that Snap has a high penetration in the market among the Snapchat Generation.
The Solution
Chicpoint tested Snap Ads aiming to get an effective cost per install (CPI) and a positive return on advertising spend. By targeting Gen Z and millennial shoppers and female app installers, they were able to scale their reach potential and maximize sales. Also, by testing different images, such as clothing collections or customer try-on pictures, Chicpoint discovered which categories and creatives performed best. Additionally, they leveraged the goal-based bidding to drive app installs, increase purchases, and improve the campaigns based on the results to eventually identify budget efficiencies.
The Result
Snap Ads exceeded Chicpoint’s expectations. They were able to achieve a 69% lower CPI and a 148% higher ROAS compared to other media channels.1 Based on these results, Chipoint decided to increase their investment with Snap Ads and explore a multi-product approach with Snapchat in the near future.
“Snapchat has been a key marketing channel for us since we started collaborating. We are thrilled to see the great results and willing to increase our advertising spend to try more ads formats.” 
- ZHAO Li, Marketing Director, Chicpoint

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1 AppsFlyer Internal Data, August 17, 2021 to September 30, 2021