Snapchat delivers incremental conversion lift for Adore Me with a full-funnel, multi-product strategy


lift in customer acquisition

among F18-20 & F35+

The Story

Founded in 2011 as a disruptive online lingerie startup, Adore Me has evolved into DTC womenswear brand spanning numerous categories that serve every stage of a woman's life. The brand is transforming the way we shop with a pioneering try-at-home commerce service, a series of innovation-focused satellite brands, and an affordable sustainability model that seeks to make sustainable clothing available to all consumers. Seeking to gain exposure leading up to the Holiday season, Adore Me looked to Snap to drive incremental conversions for their harder to reach audiences.

The Solution #1: Snap Ads + Story Ads

Adore Me adopted a full-funnel, multi-product strategy to increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions among their target female 18+ audience. Leveraging Story Ads allowed Adore Me to efficiently broaden their reach, share their brand message and showcase the breadth of their product offering, while engaging users who showed higher intent. In addition, with Snap Ads swiping up to their landing page, Adore Me was able to achieve high conversion rates and impressive revenue figures.

The Solution #2: Snapchat Lifestyle Categories + Snap Pixel

Adore Me also utilized Snapchat’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach Snapchatters with a higher intent to purchase. By developing lookalike audiences and utilizing Snapchat’s Lifestyle Categories, Adore Me was able to target high-potential customers and reach more Snapchatters while spending more efficiently.

The Snap Pixel also played a crucial role in measuring Snap’s effectiveness in driving lower funnel actions. To supplement their internal attribution tools, Adore Me turned to Snap to run a month long Conversion Lift Test on their always-on campaign. 

The Results

Adore Me’s multi-product strategy led to a strong incremental success across the campaign’s pixel events, including page views, add to cart and purchase.

Adore Me saw especially strong incremental purchase performance among females 18-20 and 35+,  the youngest and oldest of their target audience. There was a 12% lift in new customer acquisition1 among these cohorts, which are usually more difficult for Adore Me to reach on other platforms. 

Adore Me is confident in Snapchat’s ability to drive incremental reach and customers for their business.

"Thanks to its thorough methodology, we were very excited about the learnings from the Conversion Lift study. Based on the results, we decided to invest more in our Snapchat prospecting campaigns given their efficient incremental lift."
- Chloe Chanudet, Chief Marketing Officer, Adore Me 

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1 Snap Inc. internal data September 1, 2020- September 30, 2020